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Make sure to read our guidelines prior to payment

The SAB hosts two types of ticket distributions
Make sure to read our flyers carefully!

Ticket Lottery

Lotteries are hosted in person or online. Names are submitted and then selected at random.

An SAB Lottery is an online or in person entry system that will select students at random. Students will be required to provide a non refundable full payment OR deposit payment which is returned upon your in person arrival.  This process varies pending the specific needs of each event. 

Ticket Sale

Ticket Sales are hosted in person and are sold on a First Come, First Serve basis. 

An SAB Ticket Sale is an in person sale that provides students access to ticketed events/programs on a first come, first serve basis. 

SAB Ticketed Event Guidelines

FIT Student Only vs FIT Guest Friendly

The SAB will always advertise if ticket sales are for FIT Students ONLY or if they are FIT Guest Friendly. This is determined by cost per ticket and how many tickets the SAB was able to purchase. Ticket prices fluctuate based on season and the attraction.  

All SAB Ticket Sales are CASH ONLY

Please bring EXACT CHANGE only.

All SAB Ticket Sales are Non-Refundable

Every ticket sale is final sale. 

FIT is a dry campus at ALL TIMES. 

On or off, campus,  all FIT students and their guests must abide by the colleges non alcohol/drug policy. Any students in violation will be reported to the Dean of Students and banned from future SAB ticket sales. 

Some events will require a Travel Waiver

The Chair of Off Campus Events will coordinate with you when tickets are purchased. 

Host & Chaperone's

All Off Campus events are attended by the Chair of Off Campus Events and a Student Life staff member. 

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