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What is the SAB? Is it a "club"? 

The Student Activities Board is not a student club. It is a professional student organization that functions, develops, and implements large scale student programming as an extension of the Department of Student Life. 

What exactly do you guys do? Do you only plan events? 

The Student Activities Board plans and hosts a substantial amount of the events happening both on and off-campus. We host a variety of events such as wellness events, cultural events, professional development events, off-campus events, and big production events. We strive for students to be able to walk away from our events with new knowledge whether that be educational, health, cultural, professional, or just new friends.

What are the positions on the SAB?

Other than leadership positions on SAB, our positions also pertain to the different types of events that we do. You can see all of our positions HERE

How can I get involved? Can anyone join?

The SAB functions on a Spring to Fall schedule. Recruitment for the new 2021 cohort will begin sometime mid-Fall. Our Executive positions require students to be matriculated for one academic year and have some campus leadership experience while others require one academic semester and little to no experience. Due to the time and work required to serve on the SAB, we do require members to not serve as a Resident Advisor, Orientation Leader, or a Club President or Treasurer. 

How do I find out about upcoming events?

There are several ways to learn about our events. The best way is to follow us on Instagram @thefitsab but our events are also listed in on FITLink, the THIS WEEK Sunday email. You can also find check out our upcoming events HERE

How do I know if an event is run by the SAB? Are SAB events free to students?

Our Graphic Designer works hard to ensure our marketing aesthetic is unique to the SAB so we stand out! You can always look for our official SAB logo and banner on all of our marketing materials. Most of our events are free however, if a payment is required for an event, the price and ticket sales date will be included in the marketing materials for said event.

How does the SAB manage their budget?

The Student Activities Board utilizes Student Activities Fees to fund all campus events and programs. The budget is managed by the Director of Finance and all expenses are discussed and voted upon in weekly SAB meetings to ensure all expenditures are fiscally responsible and available to as many students as possible.

Can students make event suggestions?

Absolutely! You can always DM us on Instagram, message us on FITLink  or submit your ideas via our website HERE 

How can my club/organization collaborate with the SAB?

In an effort to make sure all collaborations are cohesive and a true collaborative effort, we ask any interested clubs/organizations to submit their collaboration requests on our website HERE

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