SAB Spring 2021

Director of Marketing

Hi I’m Sam! I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan and my major is Advertising and Digital Design. I love anything art related as well as fashion and beauty. Some of my favorite things to do in NYC are going out with friends, trying new coffee shops, relaxing at parks and visiting art museums. 

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Graphic Designer

Hello everyone, I’m Ilysa! I am from Long Island, New York and I am a Packaging Design Major in my senior year at FIT.  Obviously, I love anything to do with art and creativity, but I also really love to travel, be outdoors, and explore new places!


Social Media Manager

Hello, I'm Izzy and I'm from Queens, New York! It's nice to meet you all :) I'm a Communications Design major, and while I love graphic design...I also love illustration. I'm pretty indecisive about my favorite things since there are so many, but I will say that I enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee and watching animated films. I hope to explore and learn many new ideas throughout my time on the board, as well as make new memories with you all!

Samantha Karasinski 

Ilysa Sirota

Isabella Diaz


Chair of Professional Development

Ava Herrera

Hi everyone, I’m Ava! I am from Long Island, NY. I am a city girl, beach bum, gym rat, and starving artist. Too many cliches, I know. You can find me eating sushi, journaling, doing yoga, or at the park soaking up some sun in my free time (maybe even all at once).  I can’t wait to get to know everyone on the team and make a lasting impression on the FIT community.


Chair of Health & Wellness 

Selena Flores

Hello everyone, my name is Selena but you can call me Green! I’m from Brooklyn, New York and I’m majoring in Fabric Styling.  Art and music are my biggest passion and I love being creative. I like traveling, journaling, yoga, makeup and exploring in nature. I love seeing people become the best version of themselves so I’m happy to be apart of this awesome community.


Chair of Cultural Events

Chitrarth Rames Gupta

Hi, My name’s Chitrarth I am from India and I am in my second semester in the fashion design program. Besides of course being absolutely in love with Fashion, I also enjoy watching romcoms, listening to pop music, trying new food, and just meeting new people. I am super excited to be planning cultural events for you in the coming semester and I hope to see you there.


Chair of Entertainment Events

Hello everyone! My name is Daniela. Some of my favorite things are traveling, visiting museums, sunsets at the beach and meeting new people. I love anything where creativity is involved and that has to do with art, design and fashion! So excited to do great things this semester, and I look forward to meeting all of you. 


Vice President

Hello everyone, I’m Ali from Long Island New York. I am a senior majoring in International Trade and Marketing. I love learning about new cultures and socializing with new people. Something I enjoy is being able to have my daily caffeine and exploring the city. 


Director of Finance

Hi I’m Lauren and I’m an FBM major! I’m originally from northern Jersey and grew up making trips to NYC. I love trying new food and restaurants all around the city. 

Daniela Canon

Alissa Blanco

Lauren Parisi


SAB Ambassador


Chair of Off Campus Events